Historic "Polyphone" by Debierre to sell

This type of instrument was intended primarily as an accompanying instrument and is perfectly suited as a small choir organ with its choice of foundation stops.

The front and top swellshutters are operated by the knee.

Due to the sliding keyboard, the instrument can be transposed up to an octave.

There are two bellows in the podium below the bench, which are now fed by an electric fan, which of course is outside the instrument.

Typical is the registration in bass / treble and the presence of a Bourdon 16 'in the treble.

The trumpet 8 'is rarely found as a full stop.

Case in oak.

The instrument has been completely revised.

size: height 150 cm, width 156 cm, depth of the case 122 cm, total depth with podium 205 cm

Stop list

Bourdon 8' basse

Violoncelle 8' basse

Flûte 4' basse

Trompette 8' basse

Bourdon 8' haut

Violoncelle 8' haut

Flûte Octaviante 4' haut

Trompette 8' haut

Bourdon 16' haut

Flûte harmonique 8' haut

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Stop list
I, 6